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Nathan. 22. Single. Melbourne.

Beach, surfing, summer, skate, fashion, clothes, snowboarding.

Don't like or a hater? gtfo.

Live life as if you would die tomorrow, knowing you are happy with what you have accomplished.

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"Friday nights need snuggles. Specially rainy nights like this"


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Haven’t ranted in ages

So been a while since I’ve written anything dnm down on tumblr.
Guess there’s not a lot of chaos going on atm!! .. Which is good.
Roller coaster of relationships whether friends or my closest over the last few months. Learnt a lot. Been hurt and found some pretty fake ppl.
Found some amazing ones to.
2013 was one hell of a massive ride. True when you learn so much through hard ship. Learnt a whole lot about what it takes to succeed in a relationship. Never the less I’m still going solo even though I’ve learnt so much.
Want it.. But haven’t got time for it.
One thing I want I can’t have anyways.
Just weird.. Sitting here thinking about everything that’s happened and I’ve learnt since my last actual serious relationship. Must’ve been years ago now.
Thinking about what’s ahead and what I’ve got to look forward to.
Finally got a new coach.. So much food I have to eat its crazy. Prolly the only consistent happiness I have is training. It’s true it’s always there and always helps me to lift up.
Uni is so hard to concentrate. I love it and hate it at the same time. When I’m into it I can learn for hours study like crazy but right now seems impossible to get my head round and I don’t wanna fail. It’s like an endless struggle with myself because I know when I start I’ll love it and keep studying and learning.
I’m at a cross roads with what I want to do… Study right through and get a job… Or chase my dreams and become a pro in physique ifbb.
I know it’s good to set yourself up in life.. But how many ppl can truly say they went after there dreams.. I don’t think many at all.

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you’re either obsessed with coffee or you can’t stand it there is no in between

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